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Monika Geretsegger

Senior Researcher

+47 56 10 72 30
+47 469 28 297
Nina Griegs gt. 4, 5015 Bergen, Norway

I am a certified music therapist and clinical and health psychologist, working as Senior Researcher at GAMUT – The Grieg Academy Music Therapy Research Centre, a twin centre regulated by an agreement of collaboration between the University of Bergen and NORCE.

My key qualifications are in research on the effectiveness and applicability of music interventions in mental health, and on determinants of mental health and well-being in children and adults.

I have expertise and experience in leading international research groups, and my work has been published in international journals within and beyond the music therapy field, including the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. I currently serve as Managing Editor of the Nordic Journal of Music Therapy.

I received my PhD from the Doctoral Programme in Music Therapy, Aalborg University, Denmark, in 2015. With a broad academic background (Master level qualifications in psychology, music therapy, and linguistics, as well as an academic study in interdisciplinary communication) and extensive clinical expertise in the fields of adult mental health and autism spectrum conditions, I am especially interested in interdisciplinary research, and more recently also in participatory approaches and user engagement in research.

Monika Geretsegger


Health & Social Sciences

Research themes

Children's Mental Health
Music Therapy
Health services

Research Groups

GAMUT – Music Therapy

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