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Trond Martin Dokken

EVP Climate & Environment

+47 56 10 75 16
+47 975 64 402
Jahnebakken 5, 5007 Bergen, Norway

My research expertise is within ocean biological proxies and geochemistry, to reconstruct past changes in physical parameters such as temperature, salinity and density in the ocean. I have also solid education in mathematics and computer science.

I have contributed in the development of methods to better constrain sea ice variations in the ocean in the past. General research interests are within topics of Paleoclimatology, paleooceanography, and to reconstruct past climate change and its relation for future climate change. Furthermore, to investigate high- and low latitude climate linkages, cryosphere impact on climate, and far field teleconnection patterns.

A rather important motivation in my work is to better be able to determine causes of rapid climate transitions, and natural climate variability. I have been a member of several international research programmes, and have experience of coordinating national- and international projects.

Trond Martin Dokken


Climate & Environment

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