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Reliable metering for the hydrogen supply chain (HyMe)

Reliable metering for the hydrogen supply chain (HyMe)

For custody transfer of hydrogen it is a prerequisite that the quantity and quality are measured accurately and can be traced to international standards. Extensive R&D is required to transfer measurement technology from the oil and gas industry and to develop new metering systems that have sufficient accuracy. The aim of Hyme is to contribute to this by developing knowledge, increase competence and establish methodology to enable reliable, traceable, and accurate metering of hydrogen-based energy carriers.

Hydrogen can be transported in various ways, e.g. as pressurized gas, blended with natural gas, as liquid or as amonia. To ensure accurate measurements it is required to know how the properties of the hydrogen fluid change with temperature and pressure and how different metering technologies respond to the hydrogen fluid. The project will investigate which restrictions currently available metering technologies have and develop methods to improve the performance of such meters.

Measurement stations for hydrogen consist of a combination of meters that measure quantity and sampling/analyses equipment to measure fluid quality. HyMe will investigate the process conditions along various supply chains and the performance requirements the metering stations must meet. The propagation of uncertainties through various supply chains will be calculated. Based on this, methodology for design and uncertainty estimation of complete supply chains and measurement stations will be developed.

For the meters and metering stations to be approved for use by industry and authorities, the technologies need to be calibrated and verified in a controlled and traceable manner. Challenges and possibilities for practical, reliable and traceable calibration of commercial meters will be investigated.

HyMe will also build knowledge on how losses and quality degradation along the supply chain can be detected and quantified. This is important for cost reduction and safety.

The project is a Knowledge-building Project for Industry supported by the Research Coucil of Norway, The collaborating partners are Equinor, TotalEnergies, Norske Shell, Gassco, Justervesenet, University of Bergen, and NORCE.


Kjetil Folgerø

Chief Scientist - Bergen

+47 971 73 548

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Reliable metering for the hydrogen supply chain (HyMe)




13.02.23 - 31.10.26



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Ingrid Marie Stuen
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