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Electrification of Oil and Gas Installation by Offshore Wind (ELOGOW)

Electrification of Oil and Gas Installation by Offshore Wind (ELOGOW)

Norway aims to reduce CO2 emissions caused by the oil and gas (O&G) extraction facilities on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) substantially within the next 10 years. The gas turbines which power up the operations on offshore platforms and/or any subsea operations are responsible for almost two-thirds of the emission. Electrification of the O&G platforms is therefore crucial to reduce our dependence on gas turbine engines. ELOGOW aims to bring most recent technological advancements in offshore wind turbines (OWT), battery and hydrogen technologies to accelerate the progress of electrification of O&G platforms.

ELOGOW focuses on development of necessary tools and methodologies to deliver enough power required for continued operations in a platform by converting the wind energy in the offshore environment to electricity. To minimize the emission caused by the gas turbines, one of the main goals of the ELOGOW is to build a system where the gas turbines are operated only in shut down and start on the fly mode, thus elimination excessive emission caused when gas turbines are kept on idle mode. This is achieved by supplementing the wind energy with battery and hydrogen systems.

ELOGOW has been carrying out detailed feasibility studies to design a robust, stable, and predictable energy system. One of the key components in this research project is to build an autonomous controller and an energy management system to balance power demand by the O&G operations and total power supply. ELOGOW is building models forecasting weather and wind farm power production to estimate available wind energy with high accuracy. Simulations combining all energy sources to power up a model platform indicates that the ELOGOW has big potential. The complete system will lead to reducing greenhouse gas emission substantially using wind energy potential in offshore environment.

The competence built during the project will accelerate electrification of the O&G facilities. The concepts, models and solutions developed in ELOGOW is also applicable on-land facilities. High emission generating industries will certainly benefit from the know-how generated in the project.


Yngve Heggelund

Senior Researcher - Bergen

+47 917 97 224

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Electrification of Oil and Gas Installation by Offshore Wind (ELOGOW)




01.01.20 - 31.12.23



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Research Council of Norway (RCN)


Institutt for energiteknikk

Project members

Murat Tutkun
Nejm Saadallah
Paal Engelstad
Lars Ødegaard Bentsen
Roar Skartlien
Øyvind Waage Hanssen-Bauer
Roy Stenbro
Jonathan Fagerström


IFE, UiO, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS, Equinor Energy AS, ConocoPhilips Skandinavia AS, Aibel AS, Energy Valley
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