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Climate Futures

Climate Futures

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Climate Futures is a Centre for Research-Based Innovation, which will generate long-term cooperation between companies, public organizations and research groups across sectors and disciplines to tackle one of the most urgent challenges of our time, namely:

The changing nature of weather and climate poses a severe threat to the prosperity and well-being of our economy and society as a whole, but climate risk is inadequately managed due to knowledge gaps and deficiencies in the decision-making processes of businesses and public authorities.

Our consortium consists of seven research partners and nearly 30 user partners from the business sector, representing aquaculture, agriculture, renewable energy, disaster preparedness, shipping, insurance, finance, risk management services, as well as public organizations.


Øyvind Paasche

SVP Climate Dynamics - Bergen

+47 56 10 75 44

Project facts


Climate Futures




01.10.20 - 30.09.28



Total budget

96.000.000 NOK

Project website


Research group


Research Council of Norway (RCN)



Project members

Xuan Li
Anne-Mette Olsen
Lea Svendsen
Haiying Jia
Endre Kildal Iversen
Helene Reinertsen Langehaug
Edson Silva
Manuel Hempel
Asgeir Sorteberg
Kristine Grimsrud
Linda Nøstbakken
Kristoffer Herland Hellton
Thea Julie Thømt Roksvåg
Michael Scheuerer
Stein William Wallace
Geir Drage Berentsen
Håkon Otneim
Julien Brajard
Jelmer Jeuring
Ingo Bethke
Margrethe Aanesen
Jørn Kristiansen
Ivar A. Seierstad
Anders Doksæter Sivle
Francois Stephane Counillon
Noel Sebastian Keenlyside
Roar Os Ådland
Silje Lund Sørland
Frank Alexander Lenkoski
Thordis Linda Thorarinsdottir


Universitetet i Bergen, Statistisk sentralbyrå, Norsk Regnesentral, Norges Handelshøyskole, Nansen Senter for Miljø og Fjernmåling, Meteorologisk institutt, Samfunns- og næringslivsforskning AS
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