Tord Skogedal Linden

Tord Skogedal Linden

Research Director

+47 56 10 76 21
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

Tord Skogedal Lindén has a PhD in political science from the Department of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen in 2009. His research interests cover comparative social policy, international organizations, public sector reforms and management, pensions, ageing policy, civil society and voluntary sector, and immigration. Lindén´s doctoral thesis studied the interplay of the national and international level in the development of social policy informed by institutional and ideational perspectives.

Tord Skogedal Linden


Health & Social Sciences

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Democracy, Civil Society and Participation

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Health services in Nordic welfare states: Introducing a new category of providers through the Norwegian free treatment choice reform – Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 2022
Promoting labour market inclusion of the chronically ill: a scoping review of Scandinavian countries’ efforts – Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 2022
Evaluering av fritt behandlingsvalg – Universitetet i Oslo 2021
The Attitude of the population towards the Involvement of Volunteers in Elderly Care: Results from a survey experiment – 2021
Betinget støtte til flere frivillige – Stat og styring 2021
Suksess eller katastrofe? Utviklingstrekk etter rettighetsfesting av brukerstyrt personlig assistanse (BPA) – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2020
Consequences of prioritisation within long-term care in Denmark, England and Norway: towards increasing inequalities and poorer quality of care? – International Journal of Care and Caring 2020
Justifying pension reforms: Comparing policy discourses in Norway and the UK – European Journal of Social Security (EJSS) 2020
The population’s attitudes towards increasing the use of unpaid volunteers in elderly care: Results from a survey experiment – Tidsskrift for omsorgsforskning 2020
Digital health transformation of integrated care in Europe: Overarching analysis of 17 integrated care programs – Journal of Medical Internet Research 2019
Changing normative principles of social justice in the Norwegian pension system – 2019
Samarbeid mellom offentlig, privat og frivillig sektor i gjennomføringen av introduksjonsprogrammet – NORCE Samfunnsforskning 2019
Velferdspolitikk i EU og dens konsekvenser for Norge – 2018
Norge - et annerledesland? – 2018
Pension System Sustainability in Norway and the UK. Reforms and Normative Dilemmas – Norsk sosiologisk tidsskrift 2018
Samhandling mellom kommunen og frivillig sektor i eldreomsorgen – Senter for forskning på sivilsamfunn og frivillig sektor 2017
RETTIGHETSFESTING AV BPA – store forventninger, betinget suksess. Sammendrag – Uni Research Rokkansenteret 2017
Rettighetsfesting av BPA - store forventinger, betinget suksess – Uni Research Rokkansenteret 2017
Tjenestedemokratiet – Stat og styring 2017
Does the Type of Service Provider Affect User Satisfaction? Public, For-Profit and Nonprofit Kindergartens, Schools and Nursing Homes in Norway – 2017
Bærekraftig og kompakt byutvikling. Evalueringen av «Plansatsing mot store byer» – Uni Research Rokkan Centre 2017
Avslutning: velferdsstaten som kanal for deltakelse – 2017
Tjenestedemokratiet – 2017
Brukertilfredshet med private og offentlige barnehager og sykehjem – 2017
Focus group Norway: WP4 Development of analytical framework to perform comprehensive evaluation using Multi-Criteria Decision analysis – 2016
Comprehensive description of the most promising ICC models for multi-morbidity in Norway – 2016
SELFIE2020. Work Package 2 report Norway. Thick descriptions of Medically Assisted Rehabilitation Bergen an Learning networks for whole, coordinated and safe pathways – SELFIE2020 2016
Roller og rammevilkår for frivillig sektor i boligsosialt arbeid – Uni Research Rokkansenteret 2016
Comprehensive description of the most promising ICC models for multi-morbidity. (- Medically Assisted Rehabilitation (MAR) Bergen - Learning networks for whole, coordinated and safe pathways (Learning networks)) – SELFIE 2020 2016
Focus group Norway: WP4 Development of analytical framework to perform comprehensive evaluation using Multi-Criteria Decision analysis – SELFIE 2020 2016
Accountability, legitimacy and immigration control: the inclusion of social actors in asylum regulation in Norway, Denmark and Germany – 2016
Fra ansvar til "accountability" og tilbake: Ansvarsutkreving i forvaltningen av den norske velferdsstaten – Nordiske organisasjonsstudier 2015
Social Accountability in Immigration Regulation: The Inclusion of Social Actors in the Asylum Appeals Process – International Journal of Public Administration 2015
The Shark Jaw and the Elevator: Arguing the Case for the Necessity, Harmlessness and Fairness of the Norwegian Pension Reform – Scandinavian Political Studies 2015
Offentlig – privat samarbeid i kommuner. Modeller og erfaringer – Uni Research Rokkansenteret 2014
It happened here: The role of coordinative and communicative discourses in justifying the Norwegian pension reform – Uni Research Rokkan Centre 2014
Er Norge på vei inn i nedturen? – Aftenposten (morgenutg. : trykt utg.) 2013
Pension policy recommendations of governmental commissions in Norway, Denmark, Germany and the UK – 2013
The making of ageing policy: framing, conceptual ambiguities and national policy developments – 2013
Strategies to meet long-term care needs in Norway, the UK and Germany: a changing mix of institutional responsibility – 2013
Introducing ageing policy: challenges, ideas and responses in Europe – 2013
Making people work longer. Comparing Norwegian and British reform processes, with a sidelong gaze to Sweden – Uni Rokkansenteret, Working Papers, 1-2013 2013
Overdriv eldrebølga – Dagens næringsliv 2013
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