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Expansion of Resources for CO2 Storage on the Horda Platform (ExpReCCS)

Expansion of Resources for CO2 Storage on the Horda Platform (ExpReCCS)

ExpReCCS targets needed improvements in digital technology to address the broad challenges of multi-site CO2 injection. Developments in digital workflows will support risk reduction activities for operators in site identification, capacity estimation, regional deployment scenarios, and large-scale pressure management strategies. Project results will be used to understand how to optimally develop the Horda Platform into a portfolio of interconnected storage reservoirs.

  • WP1 will focus an open-access simulation concept that will provide a fast and reliable approach to coupling regional and site-scale simulations.
  • WP2 will provide better decision support to operators by integrating models for socioeconomic uncertainty with regional storage simulation.
  • WP3 will apply the new simulation tools to provide insight into optimal strategies for portfolio development and management on the Horda Platform.
  • WP 4 will engage with user partners to gain the industrial experience and data needed to ensure the developed tools can be applied in a realistic setting.

The ExpReCCS consortium will apply expertise in reservoir simulation, applied mathematics, geosciences and petrophysics to close gaps in regional storage assessment under uncertainty. ExpReCCS will educate a PhD student as part of an overall goal of increasing national competence in CCS. The project is committed to open and accessible science and will engage stakeholders to increase uptake of results beyond the project.

ExpReCCS is a 4.5-year project funded by the Research Council of Norway and industry partners Equinor, Shell Norge and Wintershall Dea Norge.

Project facts


Expansion of Resources for CO2 Storage on the Horda Platform (ExpReCCS)




01.09.22 - 31.12.26

Total budget

22.691.000 NOK


Research Council of Norway (RCN)

Project members

Helge K. Dahle
Eirik Keilegavlen