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Helga Gjeraldstveit

Research Director Energy Modelling and Automation

+47 51 87 56 18
+47 976 56 071
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

I am leading the NORCE Energy Modelling and Automation group. The group is internationally recognized and at the forefront of automated drilling technology. In 2021 we took this a step further when we were the first in the world to demonstrate autonomous drilling on a full-scale rig and 500 meters were drilled without the involvement of the driller. Important for our research within drilling is our own virtual facility, OpenLab, which is on the Norwegian roadmap for Research Infrastructure. Over many years, the group has developed several ground-breaking systems that have been widely adopted by industry. For my own part, it has also been interesting to participate in the commercialization processes.

The group hosts SFI DigiWells where I am the assisting director. Within this 8-year-long centre, we work on technologies and new groundbreaking ideas making the foundation for new innovative technologies.

Based on knowledge and experience in areas such as automation, modelling, AI and other advanced technologies, the group has expanded the portfolio to include hydrogen and energy systems. It is an honour for the group to host a second centre, this time for environment-friendly energy, FME HyValue.

I am a proud leader of a group that collaborates well and is characterised as knowledgeable, creative and eager to find solutions to societal and industrial challenges.

Helga Gjeraldstveit


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