Drilling- and well-technology

Sist oppdatert: Feb 11, 2020

The high cost and increasing complexity of drilling operations are two dominant challenges/constraints on field development within the oil and gas industry, CO2 storage and geothermal energy. NORCE is a provider of technology to meet these challenges: We offer tools to improve the quality of the drilling operation both in the planning phase and during the operation. Methodologies and procedures are developed focusing on more automatic drilling procedures such as automated drilling surveillance and system for active failure prevention. Further efforts will be put into presentation and evaluation of algorithms for automated co-ordinated control of drilling machinery, pump rates, chokes and drilling fluid properties.

Fundamental research in the drilling process is performed, within the areas of well flow and wellbore mechanics. The development of highly accurate process models is achieved through advanced physical and mathematical modelling, combined with experiments and tests carried out in the laboratory, in the Open Lab and at full scale both in the field and at the Ullrigg Test Centre.