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Erlend H. Vefring

Erlend H. Vefring

Acting SVP Energy, Centerdirector DigiWells

+47 51 87 56 40
+47 900 39 606
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

I am Director for the Center for Researchbased Innovation (CRI) «DigiWells» and Vice President at NORCE Energy. I am working with strategy and external collaboration in addition to center management, project execution and project development. It is a great pleasure to work in NORCE with so many friendly and highly skilled persons.

My PhD degree is from the University of Bergen, where I also have worked as a Professor II, and is within applied mathematics, acoustics. After completing my PhD, I have worked with drilling and well technology, updating of reservoir simulation models, data assimilation, monitoring and automation of the drilling process. In addition, I have been working with geo-steering for increased oil recovery and digitalization to improve the work processes across different subsurface disciplines and companies.

I have long and extensive experience with project- and program-management in research, development and innovation. I have also had the pleasure of following several developments from initial idea to successful and broadly implemented technologies. This has given me a very good insight into innovation processes with experience in the steps from idea generation all the way to commercialization the board member of companies that are set up to commercialize the technology.

I have also been involved in improving cooperation between authorities, industry and academia. I have been the initiator of establishing a business cluster in Stavanger within petroleum and this has now been realized through the business cluster "Norwegian Energy Solutions". Furthermore, I have been the initiator and chair of the steering committee for an international conference, which has been arranged for 5 years in a row in Stavanger with automation, digitization and collaboration within the subsurface disciplines as the main topic.

Currently, I am involved in two major "Joint Industry Projects" where I am the chairman of the steering committee and have been central in the development and establishment of the projects. These projects are "Geosteering for IOR" and "Demonstration of Automatic Drilling Process Control". I am also a member of the board of the National IOR Center of Norway.

From 2020 I have been Director for the Center for Researchbased Innovation (CRI) «DigiWells: Digital Well Center for Value Creation, Competitiveness and Minimum Environmental Footprint». The objective is to develop new knowledge, methods and innovative solutions to optimize the well delivery process to with respect to value creation and footprint.

Erlend H. Vefring


Energy & Technology

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