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Ulf Jakob Flø Aarsnes


+47 51 87 56 71
Tullins gate 2, 0166 Oslo, Norway

Ulf Jakob Flø Aarsnes


Energi og teknologi


Energimodellering og automatisering

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Evaluation of distributed damping subs with active control for stick–slip reduction in drilling – Geoenergy Science and Engineering 2023
Boundary Control and Estimation for Under-Balanced Drilling with Uncertain Reservoir Parameters – IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 2023
Modeling and Analysis of Non-Rotating Damping Subs for Removing Torsional Vibrations in Drilling – 2022
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Delay robust control design of under-actuated PDE-ODE-PDE systems – American Control Conference (ACC) 2019
Effect of shock subs on self-excited vibrations in drilling systems – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2019
Extremum seeking for real-time optimal drilling control – American Control Conference (ACC) 2019
Estimating friction factors while drilling – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2019
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Effects of latency, motor inertia and filtering on stick-slip mitigation control – 2018
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Transient modeling of one-dimensional solid-liquid flow in conduits – International Journal of Multiphase Flow 2018
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Limits of Controller Performance in the Heave Disturbance Attenuation Problem – 2013
Quantifying Error Introduced by Finite Order Discretization of a Hydraulic Well Model – 2012
Modeling for MPD operations with experimental validation – 2009
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