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Beatrice Tomasi


+47 56 10 78 25
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

Research projects on Underwater Communications


This project is about the integration of three underwater communication systems: acoustic, optical, and WiFi into small ROVs to enable wireless underwater remote control. In addition, an hybrid acoustic positioning and communication system will enable autonomous navigation. Magnetic inductive plates will also be used for wireless power transfer to recharge the drones underwater and extend their operation time. NORCE is the coordinator of this project funded within the Horizon 2020 MarTERA project.

SFI Smart Ocean: My contribution to this project consists in developing a software defined modem (WP2.2) and test it during field trials.

Research projects on ocean observation systems

INFRASTRUKTUR NorEMSO: In this project, I am contributing to the EMSO Mohn node, which consists of a deep-sea lander deployed at 3000 m depth with a mooring 500 m long. My role is to collaborate with University of Bergen (project co-leader together with University of Tromsø) to deploy the observatory and test the data transfer from the observatory to the end-user.

WAVY-NOS: My contribution to this project consists in testing the acoustic payloads and collaborate on the comparative performance evaluation.

Beatrice Tomasi


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