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NORCE's Marine Research Centre in Mekjarvik is tailored to high quality laboratory exposure/manipulation experiments (pelagic and benthic mesocosm setups) aimed at understanding the impact of predicted climate change and anthropogenic activity on key pelagic and benthic players and processes in marine conditions from temperate to Arctic and surface waters to deep sea.


  • 620 m2 of laboratories, all with access to continuously pumped and sand- filtered seawater from a depth of 80 meters from the adjacent fjord (Byfjorden) that can be temperature adjusted
  • Pilot hall capable of large mesocosm / indoor small-scale aquaculture setups
  • Six climate rooms with air and water temperature as well as light regime regulation
  • Analytical laboratory facilities include: Ecotoxicology, Histology, Chemistry, Proteomics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Microscopy and Image Analysis, and microplastic analytical work.

The facility receives research funding from the industry, the Research Council of Norway and the EU.

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Visiting address

Mekjarvik 12, NO-4072 Randaberg, Norway


Helana Hauss
Research Director Marine Ecology