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Utredning for sirkulærøkonomi for sjømat (SIRKSJØ)

Utredning for sirkulærøkonomi for sjømat (SIRKSJØ)

Katrine Jaklin, , SIRKSJØ Jaklin2, ,

Katrine Jaklin

The project will analyze the current status and opportunities within the circular economy in the seafood industry. In the Norwegian seafood industry, there is a need for more knowledge on how material and product flows in the biological and in the technical cycle can be made more circular, how the seafood industry can be connected to agricultural product flows and how the industry can have a neutral or positive impact on nature.

Katrine Jaklin, NORCE, , SIRKSJØ crop2, ,

Katrine Jaklin, NORCE

Expected value for the seafood industry

​​The study will provide a broad knowledge base for further work within circular economy in the seafood industry. The purpose is to establish what the current status is, and identify knowledge gaps, opportunities and challenges for the industry in order to meet the expectations of a circular economy. The project will be able to provide a greater understanding of the business opportunities and barriers in the seafood industry and of the potential for increased circularity in Norwegian seafood production. A better utilization of resources within the seafood industry, including reduced food loss by preserving residual raw materials and increased recycling of plastic and other materials, can lead to more jobs within the industry itself and associated industries such as agriculture (industrial symbiosis) as well as new value chains. It can also lead to climate cuts and increased food security.

The project will suggest recommendations for improvements in the policy implementation system for the industry.

The project will also develop a road map and provide strategic direction for the further development of the circular economy in the seafood industry, and help the industry adapt to the UN's sustainability goal 12: “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns".


Anne Ingeborg Myhr

SVP Biotechnology and Circular Economy - Tromsø

+47 56 10 78 80

Project facts


Utredning for sirkulærøkonomi for sjømat (SIRKSJØ)




01.09.22 - 30.09.23



Total budget

4.700.000 NOK

Research areas

Research group


The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund



Project members


Proactima AS, Blue Planet As og BiotechNorth

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