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Biotechnology and Circular Economy

Biotechnology and Circular Economy

Responsible and sustainable development and use of biotechnology

The department works interdisciplinary with responsible and sustainable use and development of biotechnology. This includes utilizing bio-resources for the development of microbial processes, including fermentation and enzymes for use in food, feed, and chemicals.

We aim to collaborate with partners and industries to contribute to sustainable value creation through green competitiveness.

Feel free to contact us if you have ideas for collaboration.

Contact person
Anne Ingeborg Myhr

Gene technology, environment and society, Industrial Biotechnology, Marine Biotechnology SVP Biotechnology and Circular Economy - Tromsø

+47 56 10 78 80

New genetic engineering methods such as gene editing are used to build knowledge about safe use and to create new processes and products.

Design and production in the circular economy are linked by integrating industrial by-products into projects and by contributing to new business models and regional development.

Environmental impacts are investigated using life cycle assessments and projects examining the spread of antibiotic resistance and GMOs. Sustainability and ethics are included to understand societal impacts.

Infrastructure associated with the department includes Risavika Tech Park, NBIoC, and Mongstad Algepilot.