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One Ocean Expedition

One Ocean Expedition

, Ole-Morten Algerøy, Statsraad Lehmkuhl i Atlanterhavet One Ocean Expedition OOC 00208 Foto Ole Morten Algerøy, ,

Ole-Morten Algerøy

We are one of many proud partners in One Ocean, and our researchers contribute with research, technology and instruments that will examine microplastics in the ocean, and environmental DNA during this voyage around the world.

The NORCE researchers' equipment will measure microplastics and environmental DNA in the ocean. In addition, we operate the One Ocean Expedition Live Center at the Aquarium in Bergen. From here you can follow the reserach and the travel where NORCE is among the partners that contribute with research from the voyage.

A number of instruments are installed on board. The data is easily accessible on the big screen at the Aquarium with a brand new visualization tool from NORCE.

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One Ocean Expedition



01.08.21 - 31.08.23



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