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Adriana Krolicka

Senior Researcher

+47 51 87 55 35
Mekjarvik 12, 4072 Randaberg, Norway

I am a microbial molecular ecologist. I have been involved in the projects evaluating the effects of environmental and anthropogenic stressors (such as the impact of aquaculture, oil & gas production, municipal sewage discharges) on changes in marine and freshwater diversity. I am interested in genosensing and portable solutions for environmental DNA/RNA based monitoring i.e. development and simplification of molecular methods for targeted detection and quantification (digital PCR/ quantitative PCR techniques) and biodiversity assessment. I am experienced with design of, participation in and coordination of laboratory and field-scale experiments, including seawater mesocosms. Currently, I am working in the projects on monitoring human pathogens and antimicrobial resistance in the environmental settings.

Adriana Krolicka


Climate & Environment

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The One Ocean Expedition: Science and Sailing for the Ocean We Want – Havforskningsinstituttet 2023
The use of eDNA and DNA based methods to assess and monitor alien and doorknocker species – Norwegian Environment Agency 2023
Sea lice (Lepeophtherius salmonis) detection and quantification around aquaculture installations using environmental DNA – PLOS ONE 2022
Environmental DNA metabarcoding for benthic monitoring: A review of sediment sampling and DNA extraction methods – Science of the Total Environment 2021
A simple and selective electrochemical magneto-assay for sea lice eDNA detection developed with a Quality by Design approach – Science of the Total Environment 2021
Metatranscriptomic Analysis of Oil-Exposed Seawater Bacterial Communities Archived by an Environmental Sample Processor (ESP) – Microorganisms 2020
qPCR-based assessment of microfaunal indicators of oil for monitoring benthos around oil and gas platforms – Science of the Total Environment 2020
Identification of microbial key-indicators of oil contamination at sea through tracking of oil biotransformation: An Arctic Field and Laboratory study – Science of the Total Environment 2019
Microbial community response and migration of petroleum compounds during a sea-ice oil spill experiment in Svalbard – Marine Environmental Research 2018
Detection of oil leaks by quantifying hydrocarbonoclastic bacteria in cold marine environments using the Environmental Sample Processor, – 2017
Capturing Early Changes in the Marine Bacterial Community as a Result of Crude oil Pollution in a Mesocosm Experiment – Microbes and Environments 2017
Seasonal and spatial diversity of picocyanobacteria community in the Great Mazurian Lakes derived from DGGE analyses of 16S rDNA and cpcBA-IGS markers – Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 2013
Post-translational control of nitrate reductase activity responding to light and photosynthesis evolved already in the early vascular plants – Journal of plant physiology 2013
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