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Multiphase Fluid Analyzer

Multiphase Fluid Analyzer

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The Multiphase Fluid Analyzer (MuFA) is a concept for for in-situ measurements of fluid properties of subsea multiphase flow developed by NORCE and Equinor. The purpose is to provide updated, accurate input data to multiphase flow meters (MPFMs) at their operating conditions, and thereby ensure reliable MPFM measurement data.

Multiphase meters are used to measure production from individual wells and commingled production from several wells from fields. MPFM are delivered in topside and subsea versions. The MPFMs need fluid properties (PVT data) of oil, gas and water at the actual temperature and pressure operating conditions as input. These fluid properties are typically known during start-up of a field or well, but will change over time as the production changes between different zones or gas/water is injected. Errors in the MPFM input fluid properties can result in significant measurement errors, which subsequently can lead to poor well allocation, lost production optimisation potential, and increased economic risk in ownership allocation between licences.

MuFA is installed in parallel to the multiphase meter, so primary input data are determined on the same condition as the multiphase meter is operating. Primary input data are determined by use of MuFA without deferred or lost production. This is done by sampling the multiphase flow into a subsea chamber, let the fluids separate, and measure the fluid parameters of the three phases directly at operating conditions. The fluids are released into the multiphase flow after characterization.

The MuFA concept was developed by NORCE and Equinor based on an original idea by NORCE, and have been tested at Equinor's K-lab and further developed in cooperation with TechnipFMC. The MuFA concept is qualified for first use by Equinor.


Kjetil Folgerø

Chief Scientist - Bergen

+47 971 73 548

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Multiphase Fluid Analyzer




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