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Multiphase flow and early fault detection

Multiphase flow and early fault detection

Xsens AS, with NORCE as the main R&D partner, has developed a non-invasive flow meter challenging the performance of a wide range of invasive technologies, with respect to performance, as well as robustness.

Xsens aim has been to measure complex flow from outside of the pipe, equally good or better than invasive technologies available in the market. The priority challenges defined at the start of the IPN project were flow measurement accuracy at single phase flow and dual phase liquid flow, fraction measurement in dual phase flow and the ability to measure single or dual liquids containing gas, eg.

The Xsens flow meter technology differs from available invasive flow meters by disruptive flow measurement capabilities with respect to both measurement accuracy and fluid quality measurement. Xsens have during the IPN project prototype testing at real conditions in the CMR multiphase flow loop, demonstrated transmission of acoustic beams travelling in a controllable distance outside the center of the pipe. This disruptive innovation allows for flow profile correction hence accuracy levels, until now obtained by multi-sensor invasive technology only. Furthermore, advanced algorithms combining the characteristics of acoustic transmission in both pipe and fluid has been demonstrated, providing accurate information with respect to acoustic time of flight and fluid quality for each sound path transmitted.

During the 2014-2017 IPN a stage-wise prototype development and thorough flow testing between each stage have resulted in a robust flow meter design aiming at industrialization for use in hazardous areas and subsea applications.

Flow test have been carried out on gas, oil, water in single phases, combination of liquids and liquids containing gas and the technology shows potential for a wide range of fluid combinations and industrial applications.

The industrialization process was started in parallel with the conclusion of the IPN project, on the basis of financial investors Investinor and Proventure share capital extension and awarded Forny2020 and Demo2000 project funding.

The project was funded by RCN Petromaks2 and Xsens AS.

Project facts


Multiphase flow and early fault detection




01.01.14 - 31.12.17

Total budget

7.200.000 NOK

Research areas

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Research Council of Norway (RCN)

Project members

Stian Husevik Stavland
Kjell Eivind Frøysa
Magne Aanes
Remi Andre Kippersund