What we do

iFishIENT is an ambitious and timely initiative, gathering research institutes, universities, fish farmers, technical and service providers and industry clusters to enable the aquaculture sector as a whole to take advantages of potential and insights digitalization can offer.

Through the integration of biology and technology, we will provide novel tools to optimise fish health and welfare, production, growth and reduce losses and production risk. Moreover, iFishIENT will deliver unique open Internet-of-things (IoT)/Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology platform and relevant expertise, supplying both technology companies and fish-farmers with an innovation motorway for smart, welfare-friendly operations, e.g. smart feeding, and smart management, targeting micro and macro level optimizations of production from the cage, to site and regional scales. Standardised, holistic, real-time, data is the only way to exploit computing capabilities enabling a complete understanding and control over fish farms and their environments.

On 25 September 2019, we submitted the proposal for a new Centre for Research-Based Innovation. The centre will launch in late 2020, provided it receives a grant from the Research Council of Norway.

Why is this important?

Globally, aquaculture has been identified as the world´s most promising source of fish protein and this notion is reflected by the vast industry investment and growth in the sector. Aquaculture is also the fastest growing food production sector in the world but this growth needs to be sustainable. Revolutionizing global efficiency in fish production to meet society's needs for healthy food from the ocean with a reduced carbon footprint. Digitalization is part of the solution.

The aquaculture industry desperately wants to go digital to take advantage of the benefits and added value it provides, but it is hindered by outdated data standards and inadequate real-time sensing/understanding of the fish biology and environment, insufficient access to data and no framework to change the infrastructure nor educate/recruit personnel with a high competence in both biology and digital technology.


Our main goal is to enable the digital transformation of the aquaculture industry in order to improve production efficiency, reduce risk and minimize its environmental footprint.

iFishIENT will:

  • Integrate biology and technology expertise towards disruptive innovations and education of the next generation of fish farmers
  • Establish advanced experimental platforms for real-time interpretation of the biological state of the fish and verify emerging technologies;
  • Getting online comprehensive information on fish and its environment for production steering;
  • Develop common industry standards;
  • Establish digital cognitive information systems to tackle challenges of farming operations
  • and decision support for critical situations;
  • Develop robust predictive models of environmental threats and regional collaborative models for enabling sustainable regional growth;
  • Reduce organisational barriers for maximizing business opportunity.