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Lars Ebbesson

Research Professor

+47 56 10 74 10
+46 730 598 600
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

My research over the last 30 years has covered many basic and applied aspects of fish biology, integrating neuroscience, endocrinology, physiology, and behavior to address how the environment impacts salmon neural development, smoltification, stress, welfare, robustness, behavior, and appetite.

In 2006, I formed the Fish Neuroscience Network in Bergen. In 2009, I formed the Integrative Fish Biology Group and in 2016 the Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture Innovations (CSAI). In 2015, together with Nofima, we established the SFI-CtrlAQUA where I led the Dept of Fish Production and Welfare until the end of 2018 where my focus has turned towards the digitalization of fish biology to facilitate more sustainable aquaculture operational solutions.

In 2018, the H2020 innovation action project iFishIENCi was funded where I am the Science and Technology Manager. The project will develop innovations that will provide reliable real-time environmental and biological data online. We work together with SME´s, technology providers and fish farmers to develop real-time systems such as Fish-Talk-To-Me, intelligent Biology Online Steering System (iBOSS), and SMARTRAS.

A strategic focus and strength at NORCE is its ability to support the aquaculture industry in their digital transformation by providing competences from all departments, Environment, Technology, Climate, Health, Society and Energy. Further Digital Fish, the integration of biology and environment with technology to provide real-time understanding of fish physiology and behavior through sensors, cameras, and tracking systems will provide game-changing information on the biology of fish whether related to behavior and migration of wild fish or in aquaculture systems.

Lars Ebbesson


Climate & Environment

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