DIFI-PRO - Distributed fibre optic sensing for production optimization

Down-hole monitoring of fluid flow in a petroleum production well, is key toenabling operators to optimise production, improve reservoir managementand maximise field recovery. The well environment is however harsh, whichmay limit the lifetime of measuring instruments in the well.

Fibre optic sensors are ideal for this purpose. Not only is the silica fibrematerial durable and robust at high temperatures, but also a single fibre cancapture instantaneous and local variations in temperature and even pick upacoustic noise along its full length from the top to the bottom of a well. Inother words, the fibre itself can be utilised as a sensor.

Such distributed measurements produce large amounts of data which requireprocessing and analysis, and there are knowledge gaps that need to beaddressed in order to exploit its full potential. To interpret the measurements,we must understand how the fluid in the well generates noise and how thenoise is transformed to an optical signal in the fibre. Then efficient dataprocessing methods should be applied to aid the interpretation.

In this project we will perform experiments and modelling to increaseour understanding of distributed fibre optic measurement systems as acost-efficient tool for production optimization and increased field recovery.