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Steinar Kragset

Senior Researcher

+47 51 87 54 30
Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 15, 4021 Stavanger, Norway

Steinar Kragset


Energy & Technology

Research Groups

Well Operations and Risk Management

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A Numerical Study of Density-Unstable Reverse Circulation Displacement for Primary Cementing – Journal of energy resources technology 2022
Monitoring of a reverse cement job in a high-temperature geothermal environment – Geothermal Energy 2021
Cement properties characterization from a section retrieved from an oil production well after 33 years of downhole exposure – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2021
Assessment of corrosion in the interface casing : Cement and its effect on the leakage potential – 2021
Effect of buoyancy and inertia on viscoplastic fluid-fluid displacements in a regular and an irregular eccentric annulus – Journal of energy resources technology 2020
Fluid Migration Characterization of Cemented Sections Retrieved from a North Sea Production Well – 2020
Micro-Sonde Well Logging System; a Novel Method for Along-Well Measurements – 2019
Cementing an Irregular Annulus Geometry: Full-Scale Experiments and 3D Simulations – 2019
Yield stress effects on fluid displacement in an eccentric annulus – 2019
Leakage Through Micro-Annulus Geometries Incorporating Pressure-Driven Elastic Deformation – 2019
Effect of Buoyancy and Inertia on Viscoplastic Fluid - Fluid Displacement in an Eccentric Annulus with an Irregular section Part 2: Displacements in Vertical Annulus – 2019
Effect of Buoyancy and Inertia on Viscoplastic Fluid: Fluid Displacement in an Inclined Eccentric Annulus With an Irregular Section – 2018
Annular displacement in a highly inclined irregular wellbore: Experimental and three-dimensional numerical simulations – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2018
Micro-Sonde Well Logging System – 2017
Technology Roadmap for Geothermal Hard Rock Drilling – 2016
Long Reach Well Concept – 2016
MSWI super heater tube bundle: Particle impaction efficiency and size distribution – Fuel processing technology 2013
Pipeline flow modelling with source terms due to leakage: The straw method – Energy Procedia 2012
A new coupled fluid-structure modeling methodology for running ductile fracture – Computers & structures 2012
Fundamental modes of particle impaction on a solid object – 2011
CO2 pipeline integrity: A new evaluation methodology – Energy Procedia 2011
Particle impaction on a cylinder in a crossflow as function of Stokes and Reynolds numbers – Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2010
Effects of boundaries and density inhomogeneity on states of vortex matter in Bose-Einstein condensates at finite temperature – Physical Review A. Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics (PRA) 2008
Preemptive vortex-loop proliferation in multicomponent interacting Bose-Einstein condensates – Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 2008
Quantum critical scaling behavior of deconfined spinons – Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 2007
Thermal Fluctuations of Vortex Matter in Trapped Bose-Einstein Condensates – Physical Review Letters 2006
First-Order Phase Transition in Easy-Plane Quantum Antiferromagnets – Physical Review Letters 2006
Instanton correlators and phase transitions in two- and three-dimensional logarithmic plasmas – Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 2005
Metal-Insulator Transition in Two- and Three-Dimensional Logarithmic Plasmas – Physical Review Letters 2004
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