NORCE Multiphase Flow Loop

The NORCE Multiphase Flow loop is a three-phase closed flow loop owned by NORCE. It is located at NORCE Fantoft in Bergen.

The NORCE Multiphase Flow Loop facility is a three-phase closed flow loop where oil, gas and water is circulated. NORCE as well as external companies use the flow loop for R&D and third party tests of flow instruments. The facility has been used for more than 200 factory acceptance tests (FATs) of subsea and topside multiphase flow meters (MPFM) since start-up in 2009. The facility was designed and built by Christian Michelsen Research (CMR), which merged into NORCE in 2018.

Flow rig

The test facility consists of a 3” and a 6” flow line, a 32 m3 separator tank, centrifugal pumps and reference instrumentation for determination of flow rates, phase fractions (WLR, GVF, etc.), fluid densities, flow pressures and temperatures. The reference instruments are subject to traceable, accredited calibration according to ISO 17025. The fluids used are diesel fuel, nitrogen and salted (NaCl) tap water.

  • Separator pressure: 5 bara
  • Flow pressure: 5 - 8 bara, depending on flow rate
  • Temperature range: 15 - 35 °C (no temperature regulation)
  • Gas flow rate: 1100 Sm3/h
  • Liquid flow rate: 100 m3/h in 3’’ loop and
    • 250 m3/h in 6’’ loop
    • Water liquid ratio: 0 - 100 %
  • Salinity: 1 - 8 wt.% NaCl (20-120 mS/cm)

Documentation of operational procedures and the uncertainty of reference instrumentation is available upon request.

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