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Living on Hydrogen Webinar 2023 - 4th of May 2023; 12:30 – 15:30 CET

Living on Hydrogen Webinar 2023 - 4th of May 2023; 12:30 – 15:30 CET

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Biwen An Stepec

With great success and registration and attendance of several hundred people from academia, industry and governmental institutes we want to continue our “Living on Hydrogen” webinar also this year in 2023. More and more data and knowledge is now obtained by researchers around the world on the topic of hydrogen underground storage in general and specifically the role of microbes. If you want to hear and discuss the latest results please BLOCK-THE-DATE for the 3rd “Living on Hydrogen” on the 4th of May 2023!

We are interested to hear about your projects and work related to hydrogen underground storage! If you want to present your recent findings on the topic, send us an short abstract (max. 200 words). We will consider all scientific fields but your work should have implications for microbiology.

Abstract submission until 15.03 via e-mail to: livingonh2webinar@gmail.com

Registration via this link: https://lnkd.in/dq5HVVRH

“Everybody is talking about the transformative potential of hydrogen as we gradually transition into a sustainable society. As is the case with all energy resources, finding the best solution to large scale storage remain an indisputable challenge. Hydrogen underground storage in salt caverns, reservoirs or aquifers has a big potential to provide long-term storage but these environments are always exposed to subsurface indigenous microorganisms. Which raises the main question of our webinar: What role will they play?

In this webinar we want gather interested people on the topic of hydrogen underground storage and the potential impacts triggered by microorganisms.”

This free online seminar is aimed towards cross-disciplinary scientists, operators and industry members, interested in understanding microbial risks and working on this fascinating topic!

Organized by Nicole Dopffel (NORCE), Biwen An-Stepec (NORCE) and Andrea Koerdt (BAM)


Nicole Dopffel

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Biwen An-Stepec

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Living on Hydrogen Webinar 2023 - 4th of May 2023; 12:30 – 15:30 CET



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