Liv Almås Carlsen

Liv Almås Carlsen


+47 51 87 50 88
Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 15, 4021 Stavanger, Norway

Liv Almås Carlsen


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On Transitions Functions Model for Decision-Making in Offshore Operations – 2022
DADPC: Demonstration of autonomous drilling in OpenLab and at Ullrigg test centre – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2022
Demonstration of Autonomous Drilling on a Full-Scale Test Rig – 2022
An Ensemble-Based Solution for Automating Drilling Engineering: Application to Directional Surveying – 2022
Development, Testing and Validation of an Adaptive Drilling Optimization System – 2021
A Technical Approach To Safe Mode Management For A Smooth Transition From Automatic to Manual Drilling – 2021
Autonomous Decision-Making While Drilling – Energies 2021
Statistical Determination of Bit-Rock Interaction and Drill String Mechanics for Automatic Drilling Optimization – 2020
An Approach to Autonomous Drilling – 2020
Analysis of asymmetric tool-joint wear while drilling long horizontal sections – 2018
Nonlinear Regression Analysis and System Stiffness Approach for Formation Integrity Test Interpretation – 2017
Automated Pressure Integrity Testing APIT-A Step Change Approach – 2016
Discussion on Potential Problems Due To Methane Invasion in OBM While Overbalanced – 2016
Evaluation of control methods for drilling operations with unexpected gas influx – Journal of Process Control 2013
Simultaneous Continuous Monitoring of the Drilling-Fluid Friction Factor and Density – SPE Drilling & Completion 2013
Utilizing Instrumented Stand Pipe for Monitoring Drilling Fluid Dynamics for Improving Automated Drilling Operations – Elsevier IFAC Publications / IFAC Proceedings series 2012
Improved Kick Management during MPD by Real-Time Pore-Pressure Estimation – SPE Drilling & Completion 2010
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