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Jörg Haarpaintner

Jörg Haarpaintner Haarpaintner


+47 470 70 341
Siva Innovasjonssenter, Sykehusvn 21, 9019 Tromsø

I am a Senior Research Scientist in Earth Observation at NORCE – Norwegian Research Centre AS (formerly Norut) in Tromsø, Norway, working on the application of satellite-borne SAR for operational monitoring. I started my research career in polar research using active microwave sensors during my PhD at the Norwegian Polar Institute and then at the national ice services in the US and Norway.

Currently, I am focusing on the terrestrial application of synthetic aperture radar (SAR), specifically on forest, land cover and change monitoring with a strong interest in sustainable development and cooperation with developing countries .

I have been involved in several projects on tropical regions in regard to REDD (Reduce Emission of Deforestation and Forest Degradation) and in GEO’s Global Forest Observation Initiative (GFOI), leading the SAR processing, analysis and the service delivery to end users in Africa and South-America in EU FP7 and ESA projects.

I am also a member of ESA's Candidate Copernicus ROSE-L Mission Advisory Group.

Selected publications

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Mapping Atmospheric Exposure of the Intertidal Zone with Sentinel-1 CSAR in Northern Norway – Remote Sensing 2021
Satellite-Based National Intertidal-Zone Mapping of Continental Norway with Sentinel-1&2 – NORCE Klima 2021
Advanced Sentinel-1 Analysis Ready Data for Africa (ESA EO4SD: SAR-4-Africa), D5 – Final Report – NORCE Klima 2020
Satellite Based Intertidal-Zone Mapping from Sentinel-1&2 – NORCE Klima 2020
The Copernicus L-band SAR mission ROSE-L (Radar Observing System for Europe) (Conference Presentation) – Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering 2019
Copernicus L-band SAR Mission Requirements Document. – European Space Agency 2019
Multi-Temporal and Multi-Frequency SAR Analysis for Forest Land Cover Mapping of the Mai-Ndombe District (Democratic Republic of Congo) – Remote Sensing 2019
Multi-sensor forest vegetation height mapping methods for Tanzania – European Journal of Remote Sensing 2018
ESA DUE Innovator III SAR for REDD – D2.3 Final Report. (5/2018) – Norut 2018
SAR for Redd+ in the Mai Ndombe Distric (DRC) – ESA SP 2016
Simulation of sentinel-2A red edge bands with RPAS based multispectral data – ESA SP 2016
Boreal forest land covermapping in Iceland and Finland using Sentinel-1A – ESA SP 2016
Automatic multi-sensor forest vegetation height mapping methods for Tanzania – Norsk Regnesentral 2016
Combining satellite data for better tropical forest monitoring. – Nature Climate Change 2016
Enabling intelligent Copernicus services for carbon and water balance modeling of boreal forest ecosystems — NorthState – IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium proceedings 2015
Tropical forest remote sensing services for the Democratic Republic of Congo inside the EU FP7 'recover' project (final results 2000-2012) – International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences 2015
Forest and forest change mapping with C-and L-band SAR in Liwale, Tanzania – International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences 2015
Evolution of forest cover at a national and regional scale and drivers of change – 2014
ReCover: Services for the Monitoring of Tropical Forest to Support REDD+ – 2012
Tropical forest remote sensing services for the Democratic Republic Of Congo case inside the EU FP7 ‘ReCover’ project (1st iteration) – 2012
Forest monitoring in Congo Basin with combined use of SAR C- & L-band – 2012
Spatio-temporal variability of snowmelt across Svalbard during the period 2000-08 derived from QuikSCAT/SeaWinds scatterometry – Polar Research 2011
A Concept for Tropical Forest Assessment for REDD – 2010
State of the art for tropical forest monitoring by remote sensing – 2008
An approach for multisensor harmonization in snow cover area mapping – 2006
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