Karoline Husevåg Kvalsvik

Karoline Husevåg Kvalsvik


+47 952 00 427
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

Karoline Husevåg Kvalsvik


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Quantification of time-varying groundwater flow in boreholes in fractured crystalline rock using long-term distributed temperature sensing – Norwegian Journal of Geology 2022
Optimization of design solutions for surplus heating and cooling system in combination with ground source heat pump/chillers – ASHRAE Transactions 2020
Dynamic modelling of a liquid hydrogen loading cycle from onshore storage to a seaborne tanker – Science et technique du froid 2019
Food case Orkla: How to enhance energy efficiency at Nidar chocolate production – SINTEF Energi AS 2019
Linear optimization of district heating systems. Description of an upgraded district heating module for eTransport – SINTEF akademisk forlag 2018
Strategy for the control of two groups of ejectors operating in parallel in Integrated R744 refrigeration systems – 2018
Integrated heating and cooling CO2 heat pump system in a modern distribution centre – 2018
Generating hot water for food processing plant using waste heat, high temperature heat pump and storage – 2018
Direct CO2-ground condensers – 2018
Two-stage high temperature hybrid heat pump with parallel heat sinks – 2018
Dynamic modeling of local district heating grids with prosumers: A case study for Norway – Energy 2018
Superchilling of organic food Part 2: Storage test with superchilled organic salmon and pork chops – SINTEF Energi AS 2017
Off-design of high temperature compression-absorption heat pump – 2017
Integrated CO2 refrigeration and AC unit for hot climates – 2017
Efficient energy systems for the dry-cured meat industry – 2017
Dynamic modelling of local low-temperature heating grids: A case study for Norway – Energy 2017
State-of-the-Art for the use of Phase-Change Materials in Tanks Coupled with Heat Pumps – Energy and Buildings 2017
Performance simulation on a heat pump drying system using R744 as refrigerant – 2016
Three dimensional modelling of water and salting kinetics in dry-cured ham for improved quality control – 2016
Influence of climate conditions on the energy consumption of refrigeration systems in the food processing industry – 2015
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