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Roadside Vehicle People Counter

Roadside Vehicle People Counter

A successfully developed solution will improve the safety precautions on Norwegian vehicle ferries.

Currently the passengers in vehicles are manually counted when cars are driving onboard. This method results in inaccurate results.

The project is in pilot. The pilot is further developed to remove duplicate counts and handle vehicle variations.

Our experience is that remote video counting through car windows in changing light conditions is a difficult task which needs further research and development. Different vehicles types, changing light, changing weather, tinted windows and coloured glass makes it difficult to see how many people are inside each vehicle.

In this project we have two main activities:

  • The sensor system: To combine sensor and camera to collect interpretable data of satisfying quality.
  • Software / computer vision: To develop suitable computer vision algorithms to detect people from multiple cameras and sensor data series.

Successful outcome will end up with an accurate and secure counting solution for persons in vehicles while privacy is safeguarded.


Erling Sandsdalen

Acting Research Director Drones and Autonomous Systems - Tromsø

+47 920 26 646

Project facts


Roadside Vehicle People Counter




01.11.19 - 30.06.23



Total budget

8.000.000 NOK

Research areas

Research group


Research Council of Norway (RCN)


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Project members

Erling Sandsdalen
Jone Rasmussen
Jonas Nordhaug Myhre
Ruben Patel