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NAMC - North Atlantic Microplastic Centre

NAMC - North Atlantic Microplastic Centre

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In order to be able to implement the correct and most efficient and effective measures to deal with the problem locally, nationally and globally, we need to understand the problem through solid, research-based and comprehensive knowledge building. Therefore, we want to establish the North Atlantic Microplastic Centre in Bergen to improve analysis methods, map the scope and effects to build a comprehensive knowledge base that can support Norwegian administration and business. A solid knowledge and decision base will enable the Norwegian authorities to handle the problem responsibly, at the same time it will be crucial for Norwegian players to be competitive in a future market with stricter environmental requirements.

NAMC will mobilize for extensive collaboration between research actors, authorities and the business community on relevant and specific issues, based on five capacity and knowledge-building pillars:

  1. Develop sensitive analysis methods to be able to determine low concentrations and the smallest particles (micro to nano-scale) in all kinds of environmental samples and biological material, on a par with other environmental contaminants.
  2. Map the quantities, distribution and fate of microplastics in the environment, along the Norwegian coast, and in our most important international waters (North Sea, Barents Sea).
  3. Map human exposure to microplastics through air, water and food, and model future exposure scenarios for microplastics
  4. Study the effects of microplastics in humans and the environment, as a basis for risk assessments for authorities, administration and business.
  5. Compile a comprehensive knowledge base, as support for the design of effective measures for the authorities, administration and business.


Gunhild Bødtker

Senior Researcher - Bergen

+47 56 10 71 08

Alessio Gomiero

Senior Researcher - Mekjarvik

+47 51 87 55 46
+47 48681305

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NAMC - North Atlantic Microplastic Centre



09.12.20 - 01.01.24



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Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Alfred Wegener Institut, NILU - Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NIVA - Norwegian Institute for Water Research, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre, Norwegian Veterinary Institute, NTNU - Norwegian, University of Science and Technology, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, REV Ocean, SINTEF Ocean, SNF - Centre for Applied Research - Norwegian School of Economics, University of Bergen, University of Pisa, University of Stirling, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
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