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Measurement and analysis of lithium batteries using ultrasound

Measurement and analysis of lithium batteries using ultrasound

Lithium batteries play an increasingly important role in the transport sector, both on land and at sea. Electric car batteries are considered ready for replacement at 80% of original capacity, but usable battery cells and modules may still have the potential for further use in new applications. A challenge when reusing batteries is that there are no good methods for determining the state of health - so that you can determine the value of the batteries and sort them for reuse or recycling. Both when sorting used batteries and when assembling batteries from new or used cells, it would be desirable to have a robust and efficient method for quality assurance/evaluation of health status. Methods for this can 1) contribute to quality assurance in the production and assembly of new and used cells, and in that way contribute to optimizing production processes, and not least 2) form the basis for increased reuse of batteries. In this project, we want to further develop the knowledge of ultrasound-based methods for non-destructive quality control/evaluation of high-energy propulsion batteries. The method was investigated in a preliminary project at RFF Vestland in 2021. Ultrasound waves are sent through individual cells with different health conditions and a stack of new cells. The results from the preliminary project are promising and indicate that the method has the potential to differentiate the state of health of such batteries. In this proposed main project, we plan to systematically study the method further on new battery cells with different states of charge, different aged cells and different modules. We aim to acquire the knowledge base that can later become a platform for developing innovations related to ultrasound equipment that can be used to determine the state of health and state of charge of the battery cells and battery modules in high-energy propulsion batteries.

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Measurement and analysis of lithium batteries using ultrasound




01.02.22 - 29.02.24



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3.000.000 NOK

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Regional research fund Vestlandet



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Preben Joakim Svela Vie


Institutt for energiteknikk