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Nazanin Jahani

Senior Researcher

+47 51 87 50 89
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

Nazanin Jahani


Energy & Technology

Research Groups

Energy Modelling and Automation

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3D induction log modelling with integral equation method and domain decomposition preconditioning – Geophysical Journal International 2023
Limits of 3D target detectability of logging while drilling deep-sensing electromagnetic measurements from numerical modeling – Geophysical Prospecting 2023
Towards Real-Time 3D Modeling of Induction Logs Using an Integral Equation Method – 2023
Enhancing the Detectability of Deep-Sensing Borehole Electromagnetic Instruments by Joint Inversion of Multiple Logs Within a Probabilistic Geosteering Workflow – Petrophysics 2023
Limits of 3D Detectability and Resolution of LWD Deep-Sensing Borehole Electromagnetic Measurements Acquired in the Norwegian Continental Shelf – 2022
Rate of Penetration Prediction Using Quantile Regression Deep Neural Networks – 2022
Sequential Multi-Realization Probabilistic Interpretation of Well Logs and Geological Prediction by a Deep-Learning Method – 2022
Ensemble-Based Well-Log Interpretation and Uncertainty Quantification for Well Geosteering – Geophysics 2022
Real-Time Ensemble-Based Well-Log Interpretation for Geosteering – 2021
Modeling extra-deep electromagnetic logs using a deep neural network – Geophysics 2021
(Dis)Advantages of Lock-free Synchronization Mechanisms for Multicore Embedded Systems – 2019
Ensemble-based decision-support workflow for operational geosteering – 2018
Coupled Fluid Flow and Elasto-plastic Damage Analysis for Fractured Porous Chalk with Induced Wormhole – International Journal of Rock Mechanics And Mining Sciences 2015
Prediction of rock strength with matrix acidizing stimulation and induced wormhole by computational simulation methods – 2014
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