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BIOSIRKEL: Increased innovation capacity and innovation rate for circular bioeconomy in Western Norway

BIOSIRKEL: Increased innovation capacity and innovation rate for circular bioeconomy in Western Norway

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Biosirkel is Western Norway's platform for competence building and collaborative innovation in the field of circular bioeconomy, bringing together research and educational institutions, businesses, the public sector, and society at large. The platform will enable new bioeconomic value chains by connecting actors with waste streams to actors who can benefit from accessing these streams.

The project contributes to developing and realising green business development and increased circularity across blue, green, and grey sectors. The project will address how Western Norway can succeed in transitioning to more sustainable production and extraction, efficient resource utilization, utilization of by-products and waste materials for high-value products, production of new feed resources, and other products.

Key research and development challenges are related to:

  1. Developing collaborative networks and increasing cooperation across sectors.
  2. Improving resource utilization.
  3. Managing economic risks in the transition to a circular economy.
  4. Increasing knowledge about enabling biotechnology and scaling up.
  5. Developing sustainable analyses tailored to biosircular value chains.

Research capacity and expertise directed towards these challenges are ensured in Biosirkel by intensifying industry-relevant knowledge development in higher education and further education, as well as making research infrastructure accessible for issues addressing the business sector's needs for transformation and knowledge-based value creation.


Gro Elin Kjæreng Bjerga

Research Director - Bergen

+47 56 10 74 04
+47 907 81 736

Project facts


BIOSIRKEL: Økt innovasjonskapasitet og innovasjonstakt for sirkulær bioøkonomi på Vestlandet




01.04.22 - 31.03.28



Total budget

40.000.000 NOK

Research group



Project members

Anna Kraaijeveld Enerstvedt
Dorinde M.M. Kleinegris


Universitetet i Bergen, Universitetet i Stavanger, Grieg Seafood, Clara, Agri-E, Arctic Seaweed, FishGlobe, Gas2Feed, Blueplanet, Elkem, Fiskå Mølle, BIR, Ragn-Sells, EWOS, Risavika biopark, Bergen Næringsråd, Næringsforeningen i Stavanger, Ocean Innovation - Norwegian Catapult Centre, Klimapartnerne, Sitep.