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Lu Li

Senior Researcher

+47 56 10 75 35
Jahnebakken 5, 5007 Bergen, Norway


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Regional water cycle sensitivity to afforestation: synthetic numerical experiments for tropical Africa – Frontiers in Climate 2023
Flood variability in the upper Yangtze River over the last millennium—Insights from a comparison of climate-hydrological model simulated and reconstruction – Science China. Earth Sciences 2023
Impacts of snow assimilation on seasonal snow and meteorological forecasts for the Tibetan Plateau – The Cryosphere 2022
Towards ensemble-based kilometer-scale climate simulations over the third pole region – Climate Dynamics 2022
Changing flood dynamics in Norway since the last millennium and to the end of the 21st century – Journal of Hydrology 2022
Probabilistic interval estimation of design floods under non-stationary conditions by an integrated approach – Hydrology Research 2022
Detection and Attribution of Norwegian Annual Precipitation Variability Related to Teleconnections – Earth and Space Science 2022
Uncertainty analysis for integrated water system simulations using GLUE with different acceptability thresholds – Science in China Series E: Engineering and Materials Science 2021
Evaluation of eight global precipitation datasets in hydrological modeling – Remote Sensing 2021
Impacts of land use and land cover change and reforestation on summer rainfall in the Yangtze River basin – Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS) 2021
Impact of the number of donor catchments and the efficiency threshold on regionalization performance of hydrological models – Journal of Hydrology 2021
Hordaflom rapporten – Klima og flom – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2021
Future changes in rain-on-snow events over Norway – Environmental Research Letters 2021
Mass balance and hydrological modeling of the Hardangerjøkulen ice cap in south-central Norway – Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS) 2021
The impact of initial conditions on convection-permitting simulations of a flood event over complex mountainous terrain – Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS) 2020
Evaluation of Multi-Satellite Precipitation Datasets and Their Error Propagation in Hydrological Modeling in a Monsoon-Prone Region – Remote Sensing 2020
An improved routing algorithm for a large-scale distributed hydrological model with consideration of underlying surface impact – Hydrology Research 2020
The impact of initial conditions on convection-permitting simulations of flood events – Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions (HESSD) 2019
Parameter uncertainty of a Snowmelt Runoff Model and its impact on future projections of snowmelt runoff in a data-scarce deglaciating river basin – Water 2019
Performance of post-processed methods in hydrological predictions evaluated by deterministic and probabilistic criteria – Water resources management 2019
Evaluation and bias correction of S2S precipitation for hydrological extremes – Journal of Hydrometeorology 2019
Twenty-first-century glacio-hydrological changes in the Himalayan headwater Beas River basin – Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS) 2019
Challenges in forecasting water resources of the Indus River basin: Lessons from the analysis and modeling of atmospheric and hydrological processes – 2019
The assessment of greenwater based on the SWAT model: A case study in the Hai River Basin, China – Water 2018
Evaluating the present annual water budget of a Himalayan headwater river basin using a high-resolution atmosphere-hydrology model – Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Atmospheres 2017
Trend and concentration characteristics of precipitation and related climatic teleconnections from 1982 to 2010 in the Beas River basin, India – Global and Planetary Change 2016
Forecasting India's water future – EOS 2016
Forecasting India's water future – EOS 2016
Hydrological projections under climate change in the near future by RegCM4 in Southern Africa using a large-scale hydrological model – Journal of Hydrology 2015
Vanskelige indiske vannveier – To Grader 2014
Validation of a new meteorological forcing data in analysis of spatial and temporal variability of precipitation in India – Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment (Print) 2014
The comparison of sensitivity analysis of hydrological uncertainty estimates by GLUE and Bayesian method under the impact of precipitation errors – Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment (Print) 2014
Comparison of satellite-based and re-analysed precipitation as input to glacio-hydrological modelling for Beas River basin, northern India – IAHS-AISH publication 2013
Development and comparison in uncertainty assessment based Bayesian modularization method in hydrological modeling – Journal of Hydrology 2013
Uncertainty estimates by Bayesian method with likelihood of AR (1) plus Normal model and AR (1) plus Multi-Normal model in different time-scales hydrological models – Journal of Hydrology 2011
Evaluation of the subjective factors of the GLUE method and comparison with the formal Bayesian method in uncertainty assessment of hydrological models – Journal of Hydrology 2010
Spatial and temporal variability of daily precipitation in Haihe River basin, 1958-2007 – Journal of Geographical Science 2010
Analyse the sources of equifinality in hydrological model using GLUE methodology – IAHS-AISH publication 2009
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