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Line Rouyet

Senior Researcher

+47 405 52 235
Siva Innovasjonssenter, Sykehusvn 21, 9019 Tromsø

Research focus:

  • Satellite and terrestrial radar remote sensing of mountainous and polar regions;
  • Ground dynamics of cold-climate landscapes using Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry (InSAR);
  • Measurements and interpretation of thaw subsidence & frost heave in permafrost lowlands, and creep rates of mountain periglacial landforms (e.g. rock glaciers, rockslides);
Line Rouyet


Energy & Technology

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Earth Observation

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Transitional rock glaciers at sea level in northern Norway – Earth Surface Dynamics 2022
Incorporating InSAR kinematics into rock glacier inventories: insights from 11 regions worldwide – The Cryosphere 2022
Regional Morpho-Kinematic Inventory of Slope Movements in Northern Norway – Frontiers in Earth Science 2021
Seasonal InSAR Displacements Documenting the Active Layer Freeze and Thaw Progression in Central-Western Spitsbergen, Svalbard – Remote Sensing 2021
Environmental Controls of InSAR-Based Periglacial Ground Dynamics in a Sub-Arctic Landscape – Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Earth Surface 2021
Structurally controlled rock slope deformation in northern Norway – Landslides. Journal of the International Consortium on Landslides 2020
Environmental Monitoring in the Kapp Linné-Grønnfjorden Region (KLEO). Chapter 3. SESS report 2019. – Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System 2019
Seasonal dynamics of a permafrost landscape, Adventdalen, Svalbard, investigated by InSAR – Remote Sensing of Environment 2019
PERMASAT2 - Sentinel-1 for interferometric observations of permafrost landscapes in the Arctic – Norut 2018
Validation of SAR Iceberg Detection with Ground-Based Radar and GPS Measurements – 2018
Ground displacements on Bouvet Island using SAR Interferometry (18/2018) – Norut 2018
Ground displacements on Aitik tailings dams using SAR Interferometry. (21/2018) – Norut 2018
Deformasjonskartlegging rundt Longyearbyen ved bruk av satellittbasert radarinterferometri. (13/2017) – Norut 2018
Recent acceleration of a rock glacier complex, Ádjet, Norway, documented by 62 years of remote sensing observations – Geophysical Research Letters 2018
Comparison of geomorphological field mapping and 2D‐InSAR mapping of periglacial landscape activity at Nordnesfjellet, Northern Norway – Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 2018
On the potential of hand-held GPS tracking of fjord ice features for remote-sensing validation – Annals of Glaciology 2018
Evidence of rock slope breathing using Ground-Based InSAR – Geomorphology 2017
InSAR Deformasjonsanalyse Helgeland. Sluttrapport (21/2016) – Norut 2016
PERMASAT - Satellites for detection of permafrost landscape changes in Arctic regions - Final report (12/2016) – Norut 2016
Space-Borne and Ground-Based InSAR Data Integration: The Åknes Test Site – Remote Sensing 2016
Nordnes: InSAR prosessering ved bruk av TerraSAR-X og Radarsat-2 bilder (2009-2015). Oppsummeringsrapport (26/2015) – Norut 2015
Mannen/Børa: InSAR prosessering ved bruk av TerraSAR-X og RADARSAT-2 bilder (15/2015) – Norut 2015
Spaceborne radar interferometry (InSAR) for natural hazards, landslides and infrastructure: limitations and potential / Satellittbasert radarinterferometri (InSAR) for naturfare, skred og infrastruktur: begrensninger og muligheter (5/2015) – Norut 2015
Surface analysis of water bodies in permafrost environment (Siberia, Russia) using optical satellite data between 1965 and 2014. (14/2014) – Norut 2014
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