Independent medical evaluation at 6 months sick leave

What we do

Independent medical evaluation at 6 months sick leave” was initiated by NAV and evaluated by Uni Research in the period from 2015 to 2018. The project was politically motivated. The present Norwegian government (The Conservative party and the Progress party) claimed that sickness absence beyond 6 months should be certified by an independent general practitioner (GP) i.e. “a second opinion”. However, the evaluation demonstrated no effect on the sickness absence rate.

In a subproject, financed by Uni Research, we will use data from consultations between the independent GP’s and patients, and examine factors that may influence decisions on sick leave. Among others, the data provide information on work-related initiatives and actions taken to promote return to work, and the patients’ perception of work ability, likelihood of return to work and suggestions of further initiatives.

The Research Unit for General Practice and the Research group for Stress, Health and Rehabilitation cooperate in this project.