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Scott Bremer

Forsker II

Jahnebakken 5, 5007 Bergen, Norway

Scott Bremer


Klima og miljø


Forecasting Engine

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Co-producing representations of summer rainfall in Bangladesh – Regional Environmental Change 2023
Changing beekeeping seasons in Vestland, Norway – 2022
Recognising the social functions of climate services in Bergen, Norway – Climate Services 2022
Local representations of a changing climate – 2022
A water culture perspective for food security – 2021
Extended Peer Communities: Appraising the contributions of tacit knowledges in climate change decision-making – Futures: The journal of policy, planning and futures studies 2021
Beyond rules: how institutional cultures and climate governance interact – Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change (WIRESs) 2021
Quality Assessment in Co-developing Climate Services in Norway and the Netherlands – Frontiers in Climate 2021
Grand Challenges for Climate Risk Management – Frontiers in Climate 2020
Local narratives of change as an entry point for building urban climate resilience – Climate Risk Management 2020
The role of place-based narratives of change in climate risk governance – Climate Risk Management 2020
Portrait of a climate city: How climate change is emerging as a risk in Bergen, Norway – Climate Risk Management 2020
‘My new routine’: Assessing the impact of citizen science on climate adaptation in Bangladesh – Environmental Science and Policy 2019
Initial Guidance Framework for Knowledge Quality Assessment in CoCliServ (CoCliServ D5.1) – Universitetet i Bergen 2019
Toward a multi-faceted conception of co-production of climate services – Climate Services 2019
An Evolving Framework for Advancing Climate Services in Norway – EOS 2018
Co-producing "post-normal" climate knowledge with communities in northeast Bangladesh – Weather, Climate, and Society 2018
Co-production in climate change research: reviewing different perspectives – Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change (WIRESs) 2017
A critical assessment of knowledge quality for climate adaptation in Sylhet Division, Bangladesh – Climate Risk Management 2017
Assessing climatic trends of extreme rainfall indices over northeast Bangladesh – Theoretical and Applied Climatology 2017
Narrative as a method for eliciting tacit knowledge of climate variability in Bangladesh – Weather, Climate, and Society 2017
Sustainable aquaculture governance: challenges to participatory standard setting – 2016
Weaknesses in the ethical framework of aquaculture related standards – Marine Policy 2016
Inclusive governance of aquaculture value-chains: Co-producing sustainability standards for Bangladeshi shrimp and prawns – Ocean and Coastal Management 2016
Challenges to Evaluating Coastal Management in the Twenty-First Century: Lessons from the Lofoten Archipelago – 2015
Climate change and agri-cultural knowledge: Bangladesh through a mirror and magnifying glass – 2015
Negotiating a place for sustainability science: Narratives from the Waikaraka Estuary in New Zealand – Environmental Science and Policy 2015
Responsible techno-innovation in aquaculture: Employing ethical engagement to explore attitudes to GM salmon in Northern Europe – Aquaculture 2015
'No right to rubbish': Mobilising post-normal science for planning Gisborne's wastewater outfall – Marine Policy 2014
Whose sustainability counts? Engaging with debates on the sustainability of Bangladeshi shrimp – 2013
Reflexively Mapping the Science-Policy Interface for Coastal Zones – 2013
Framing a 'Post-Normal' Science-Policy Interface for Integrated Coastal Zone Management – 2013
Mapping the ethical terrain of Chinese aquaculture – 2013
Bioscience and Innovation Research: Examining the GM Animals Case with Indian Researchers Using the Ethical Matrix – Asian Biotechnology and Development Review 2013
Mobilising high-quality knowledge through dialogic environmental governance: a comparison of approaches and their institutional settings – International Journal of Sustainable Development 2013
Exploring the science-policy interface for Integrated Coastal Management in New Zealand – Ocean and Coastal Management 2013
Mobilising knowledge for coastal governance: re-framing the science-policy interface for integrated coastal management – Coastal Management 2013
Mapping core values and ethical principles for livelihoods in Asia – 2012
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