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Martin Miles

Martin Miles

Forsker II

+47 56 10 75 39
Jahnebakken 5, 5007 Bergen, Norway

Martin Miles


Klima og miljø


Ocean Observations

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The urban climate of the largest cities of the European Arctic – Urban Climate 2023
Sea ice in the northern North Atlantic through the Holocene: Evidence from ice cores and marine sediment records – Quaternary Science Reviews 2021
Evidence for extreme export of Arctic sea ice leading the abrupt onset of the Little Ice Age – Science Advances 2020
Warmer Climate of Arctic Cities – 2020
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Varying climate response across the tundra, forest-tundra and boreal forest biomes in northern West Siberia – Environmental Research Letters 2019
Exceptional 20th century glaciological regime of a major SE Greenland outlet glacier – Scientific Reports 2017
Trends in the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) associated with urban development of Northern West Siberia – Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) 2016
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Surface air temperature variability and trends in the Arctic: new amplification assessment and regionalization – Tellus A: Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography 2016
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The Atlantic multidecadal oscillation: its manifestations and impacts with special emphasis on the Atlantic region north of 60°N – Journal of Marine Systems 2014
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Long-term trends in carbon, nutrients and stoichiometry in Norwegian coastal waters: Evidence of a regime shift – Progress in Oceanography 2013
Ch. 6 Interaction with the global climate system – 2012
Petermann Glacier, North Greenland: massive calving in 2010 and the past half century – The Cryosphere Discussions 2011
Interaction Between the Warm Subsurface Atlantic Water in the Sermilik Fjord and Helheim Glacier in Southeast Greenland – Surveys in geophysics 2011
A review on Northern Hemisphere sea-ice, storminess and the North Atlantic Oscillation: Observations and projected changes – Atmospheric research 2011
Critical vulnerabilities of marine and sea ice-based ecosystems in the high Arctic – Regional Environmental Change 2011
Interaction Between the Warm Subsurface Atlantic Water in the Sermilik Fjord and Helheim Glacier in Southeast Greenland – Surveys in geophysics 2011
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Klimaendringenes konsekvenser for kommunal og fylkeskommunal infrastruktur-Sluttrapport – Vestlandsforsking 2011
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Vil finne ut mer om raske klimavariasjoner – Cicerone 2002
Forsvinner havisen i Arktis i dette århundre? – Ottar 2001
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Real-time sea ice monitoring of the Northern sea route using ERS-1 satellite radar images – NERSC, Edv. Grigesv. 3a. N-5037 Solheimsviken 1994
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