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Plant traits and associated data from a warming experiment, a seabird colony, and along elevation in Svalbard – Scientific Data 2023
Bryophytes dominate plant regulation of soil microclimate in alpine grasslands – Oikos 2023
Climate–ecosystem modelling made easy: The Land Sites Platform – Global Change Biology 2023
Volatile organic compound release across a permafrost-affected peatland – Geoderma 2023
The role of plant functional groups mediating climate impacts on carbon and biodiversity of alpine grasslands – Scientific Data 2022
Intraspecific trait variability is a key feature underlying high Arctic plant community resistance to climate warming – Ecological Monographs 2022
Explicitly modelling microtopography in permafrost landscapes in a land surface model (JULES vn5.4_microtopography) – Geoscientific Model Development 2022
Standardized monitoring of permafrost thaw: a user-friendly, multiparameter protocol – Arctic Science 2021
Multiscale mapping of plant functional groups and plant traits in the High Arctic using field spectroscopy, UAV imagery and Sentinel-2A data – Environmental Research Letters 2021
Plant traits and vegetation data from climate warming experiments along an 1100 m elevation gradient in Gongga Mountains, China – Scientific Data 2020
The handbook for standardized field and laboratory measurements in terrestrial climate change experiments and observational studies (ClimEx) – Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2019
Seasonal and diel variation in greenhouse gas emissions from an urbanpond and its major drivers – Limnology and Oceanography 2019
Long-Term Climate Regime Modulates the Impact of Short-Term Climate Variability on Decomposition in Alpine Grassland Soils – Ecosystems 2018
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