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Eric Patrick Ford

Eric Patrick Ford


+47 51 87 56 17
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

Eric Patrick Ford


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Methodology to Use the Cement Bond Quality Classification Matrix as Input for Leakage Rates Assessment – IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference and Exhibition 2022
Oil spill preparedness: Modelling challenges and implications for decision-making – 2022
Wellbore Characteristics that Control Debonding Initiation and Microannuli Width in Finite Element Simulations – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2020
Comparative Analysis of Permanent P & A Requirements and Consequences in Terms of Leakage - A Case Study – 2019
Time-to-failure estimation of barrier systems in permanently plugged and abandoned wells – 2019
Environmental risk assessments as input to a decision-making process : examples from a barents sea prosject – 2019
Permanent P&A Design - What is Good Enough? – 2018
Leakage Calculator for Plugged-and-Abandoned Wells – SPE Production & Operations 2018
Consequence Quantification of Barrier System Failures in Permanently Plugged and Abandoned Wells – 2018
Down Time Terms and Information Used for Assessment of Equipment Reliability and Maintenance Performance – 2017
LBr-1 – research CO2 storage pilot in the Czech Republic – Energy Procedia 2017
A comparison of FEP-analysis and barrier analysis for CO2 leakage risk assessment on an abandoned Czech oilfield – Energy Procedia 2017
Maintenance data collection for subsea systems: A critical look at terms and information used for prediction of downtime – 2017
Establishment of a Quantitative Risk-Based Approach for Evaluation of Containment Performance in the Context of Permanently Plugged and Abandoned Petroleum Wells – 2017
Leakage Calculator for Plugged and Abandoned Wells – 2017
A Probabilistic Approach for Pressure Control Evaluation in the Well Planning Phase – Oil, Gas 2015
BlowFlow - Next Generation Software for Calculating Blowout Rates – 2014
BlowFlow - Next Generation Software for Calculating Blowout Rates – 2014
Improved Underbalanced Operations With Uncertainty Analysis – 2014
Uncertainty based Approach for Predicting the Operating Window in UBO Well Design – SPE Drilling & Completion 2013
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