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Dean Oliver Oliver

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+47 56 10 71 31
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

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Quantifying prior model complexity for subsurface reservoir models – Geoenergy Science and Engineering 2023
Weighted RML using ensemble-methods for data assimilation – arXiv.org 2023
Hybrid Iterative Ensemble Smoother for History Matching of Hierarchical Models – Mathematical Geosciences 2022
Randomized maximum likelihood based posterior sampling – Computational Geosciences 2021
Information content in 4D seismic data: Effect of correlated noise – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2021
4D seismic history matching – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2021
Improving Sequential Decisions – Efficiently Accounting for Future Learning – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2021
Fast robust optimization using bias correction applied to the mean model – Computational Geosciences 2020
Fast Robust Optimization Using Mean Field Bias Correction – 2020
Diagnosing reservoir model deficiency for model improvement – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2020
Evaluating prior predictions of production and seismic data – Computational Geosciences 2019
Efficient Optimization of Well-Drilling Sequence with Learned Heuristics – SPE Journal 2019
Seismic data assimilation with an imperfect model – Computational Geosciences 2019
Efficient Optimization of Well Drilling Sequence with Learned Heuristics – 2019
Data Assimilation in Truncated Plurigaussian Models: Impact of the Truncation Map – Mathematical Geosciences 2018
Calibration of imperfect models to biased observations – Computational Geosciences 2017
Metropolized Randomized Maximum Likelihood for Improved Sampling from Multimodal Distributions – SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification (JUQ) 2017
Localization and regularization for iterative ensemble smoothers – Computational Geosciences 2016
Ensemble-based data assimilation with curvelets regularization – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2015
Ensemble-based multi-scale history-matching using second-generation wavelet transform – Computational Geosciences 2015
Data assimilation by use of the iterative ensemble smoother for 2D facies models – SPE Journal 2015
Conditioning truncated Pluri-Gaussian models to facies observations in Ensemble-Kalman-based data assimilation – Mathematical Geosciences 2015
Truncation map estimation for the truncated bigaussian model based on bivariate unit-lag probabilities – 2014
Minimization for conditional simulation: Relationship to optimal transport – Journal of Computational Physics 2014
Extended Brugge benchmark case for history matching and water flooding optimization – Computers & Geosciences 2013
Information content in Lagrangian sensor measurements for reservoir characterization – Computers & Geosciences 2013
Levenberg–Marquardt forms of the iterative ensemble smoother for efficient history matching and uncertainty quantification – Computational Geosciences 2013
Two-stage ensemble-based history matching with multiple modes in the objective function – Computers & Geosciences 2013
Comparison of optimization algorithms for reservoir management with constraints—A case study – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2012
Sequential quadratic programming for solving constrained production optimization--Case study from Brugge Field – SPE Journal 2012
Multiscale parameterization with adaptive regularization for improved assimilation of nonlocal observation – Water Resources Research 2012
Filtering with state space localized Kalman gain – Physica D : Non-linear phenomena 2012
Ensemble Randomized Maximum Likelihood Method as an Iterative Ensemble Smoother – Mathematical Geosciences 2012
An Iterative EnKF for Strongly Nonlinear Systems – Monthly Weather Review 2012
Localization of Ensemble-Based Control-Setting Updates for Production Optimization – SPE Journal 2012
Data Assimilation Using the Constrained Ensemble Kalman Filter – SPE Journal 2011
Joint Updating of Petrophysical Properties and Discrete Facies Variables From Assimilating Production Data Using the EnKF – SPE Journal 2011
Distributed parameter and state estimation in petroleum reservoirs – Computers & Fluids 2011
Characterization of permeability and porosity from nanosensor observations – Advances in Water Resources 2011
Recent progress on reservoir history matching: a review – Computational Geosciences 2011
Evaluation and error analysis: Kalman gain regularization versus covariance regularization – Computational Geosciences 2011
Updating Markov chain models using the ensemble Kalman filter – Computational Geosciences 2011
The ensemble Kalman filter in reservoir engineering - a review – SPE Journal 2009
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