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General practice

General practice

Knowledge for benfit of the patients

Most Norwegians visit their general practitioner every year, and in total the general practitioners in Norway conduct 15 million consultations yearly. Relevant and updated knowledge is necessary to serve the patients in a professional and responsible way.

NORCE's research in general practice takes place within the Research Unit for General Practice in Bergen, which has special focus on e.g. depression and infections.

The Research Unit also takes part in a national research network of general practitioners from all over Norway- PraksisNett - which is contributing to advance the research within general practice.

Many of our research projects concern patients with chronic illness, where the general practitioners main responsibility is prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and monitoring. We employ different research-strategies, e.g. epidemiological methods, qualitative methods, and intervention-studies. Many of our projects build on cross-sectoral collaboration, and are partly financed externally.

Priyanthi Borgen Gjerde

Research Director AFE - Bergen

+47 56 10 72 70

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