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The H2020 iFishIENCi project funded under the topic 'Sustainable European Aquaculture 4.0: Nutrition and Breeding Innovations' and bringings together 16 partners in a trans-disciplinary effort towards making genuine improvements to fish farming worldwide.

Fish aquaculture is essential for providing healthy food to a growing world population, but its success depends upon our ability to find more sustainable farming practices.

This means more effective ways of monitoring fish health and welfare, as well as more efficient ways of feeding fish that reduce pressure upon the present sources of fish-feed ingredients, such as agricultural crops and wild-caught fish for fishmeal and oil.

The ambition of iFishIENCi is to develop and demonstrate disruptive IoT/AI based innovations, considering the feeding value chain as a whole.

iFishIENCi aims to deliver breakthrough innovations supporting sustainable aquaculture, based on enabling technologies and circular principles, thereby providing the European aquaculture industry with the competitive advantage and growth stimulation needed to be a mover in revolutionizing global efficiency in fish production and meet society's needs for food from the ocean.

This ambitious task will be achieved by providing to the market a flexible iFishIENCi Biology Online Steering System (iBOSS) that significantly improves production control and management for all fish aquaculture systems.

iBOSS will maximise feed utilisation through smart feeding, provide continuous monitoring of fish behaviour, health and welfare and reduce response times to aberrations.

iFishIENCi will target circular principles and zero waste by qualifying new and sustainable organic value chains for feeds, and valorisation of by-products.

iFishIENCi´s innovations will provide important new assets to the consortiums SMEs, fish-farmers, feed producers and technology providers in the aquaculture sector, leading to market growth and job creation. Assets will be maximized through comprehensive sustainability assessments and engagements with the sector, regulators and consumers.

The overall strategy of iFishIENCi is to set a world standard on digital aquaculture:

  1. by setting “the fish” at the heart of the decision-making in fish production, through joining forces between experts in fish and fish-farming and experts in digitization, IoT and AI;
  2. by selecting the most promising emerging technologies on smart monitoring and control system, and pushing them forward through targeted development and integration;
  3. by demonstrating the value of new and sustainable feed sources, contributing to the consolidation of a circular and blue bioeconomy; and
  4. by proposing optimal value-chain for valorisation of waste from fish farming.

To reach its ambition of improved competitiveness of the European aquaculture and greener society, iFishIENCi is built around five innovation pillars leading to four main products

The iFishIENCi project is funded by European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program under grant agreement No. 818036.

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