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Nadine Goris

Nadine Goris

Researcher and Research Coordinator

+47 56 10 75 20
Jahnebakken 5, 5007 Bergen, Norway

I am a marine biogeochemical modeller with a background in mathematics. My main expertise lies in the analysis of future projections and feedback interactions in an Earth system model framework. I have been involved in numerous national and international projects investigating the impact of climate change on biogeochemical dynamics. My research focuses on model validation and process attribution of short- and long-term biogeochemical variability on regional scale, particularly at high latitudes (e.g. Arctic Ocean, North Atlantic, and Southern Ocean).

Nadine Goris


Climate & Environment

Research themes

Ocean biogeochemistry

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Earth Systems

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A scalable, black-box hybrid genetic algorithm for continuous multimodal optimization in moderate dimensions – Nordic Machine Intelligence (NMI) 2022
Observation-based Sea surface temperature trends in Atlantic large marine ecosystems – Progress in Oceanography 2022
Trender i havforsuring og antropogent karbon i de nordiske hav, Nordsjøen og Skagerrak – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2022
Acidification of the Nordic Seas – Biogeosciences 2022
Possibility for strong northern hemisphere high-latitude cooling under negative emissions – Nature Communications 2022
Stratification constrains future heat and carbon uptake in the Southern Ocean between 30°S and 55°S – Nature Communications 2022
Ocean biogeochemistry in the Norwegian Earth System Model version 2 (NorESM2) – Geoscientific Model Development 2020
The impacts of ocean acidification on marine trace gases and the implications for atmospheric chemistry and climate – Proceedings of the Royal Society. Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 2020
Modelling of extreme currents along the planned bridge in Bjørnafjorden. Part II: the importance of mixing schemes – NORCE 2019
Modelling of extreme currents along the planned bridge in Bjørnafjorden – NORCE 2018
Mechanisms and early detections of multidecadal oxygen changes in the interior subpolar North Atlantic – Geophysical Research Letters 2018
Constraining Projection-Based Estimates of the Future North Atlantic Carbon Uptake – Journal of Climate 2018
Report of the Workshop on Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Atlantic Salmon Stock Dynamics (WKCCISAL) – International Council for the Exploration of the Sea 2017
Amplification of global warming through pH dependence of DMS production simulated with a fully coupled Earth system model – Biogeosciences 2017
Evaluation of NorESM-OC (versions 1 and 1.2), the ocean carbon-cycle stand-alone configuration of the Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM1) – Geoscientific Model Development 2016
Havforsuring truer næringskjeden – 2grader C 2015
Singular vector-based targeted observations of chemical constituents: description and first application of the EURAD-IM-SVA v1.0 – Geoscientific Model Development 2015
Responses of carbon uptake and oceanic pCO2 to climate change in the North Atlantic: A model study with the Bergen Earth System Model – Global Biogeochemical Cycles 2015
The ocean carbon sink - Impacts, vulnerabilities and challenges – Earth System Dynamics 2015
Singular vector decomposition for sensitivity analyses of tropospheric chemical scenarios – Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) 2013
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