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Randi Valestrand

Research Director Data Assimilation and Optimization

+47 51 87 56 39
+47 934 40 899
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

I finished my PhD (Dr. Scient) in Physics from the University of Bergen in 2002 at age 28. From 2002-2008 I worked as a research scientist at the International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS), and from 2008-2014 as a senior research scientist. From 2014 my position has been Research Director and currently I am heading the group “Data assimilation and Optimization” at the Energy department of NORCE. I am also a permanent member of the leader group at the Energy department.

During my career I have led several large Joint Industry Projects (JIP) funded by the Research Council of Norway and several industry partners. I have been part of large Centre developments and Centre management teams. 2015-2021 I was the Research Director of Theme 2 in the National IOR Centre of Norway, and a permanent member of the management group of the Centre. Currently, I am Task Force leader of digitalization in the newly awarded Petrosenter NCS2030. For the last three years I have also headed the NORCE strategic effort on Offshore Wind across the company, and I am currently work-package leader in the capacity lift project ImpactWind SouthWest.

My interests include leadership and strategic developments. Topic-wise my focus is on energy research and energy transition strategies, and especially digitalization within the energy transition we are in. Digital tools are important to improve decisions in many aspects, e.g., increased value creation, reduced risk, improved safety, reduced carbon footprint, accelerated social acceptance and prevented environmental footprint.

With regards to innovation, the Data Assimilation & Optimization Group has developed a digital methodology for petroleum reservoir management which has led to a worldwide paradigm shift on how reservoir management is done. The technology has huge potential beyond today's use, and in 2022 NORCE decided to publish this background, developed over 20 years, as open-source code. This is aligned with the NORCE strategy: use the advanced digital methods developed for petroleum towards the green shift and contribute to accelerate worldwide growth of renewable energy.


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