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Kristian Fossum

Senior Researcher

+47 56 10 71 13
+47 98021846
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

I defended my phd, titled "Assessment of Sequential and Simultaneous Ensemble-based History Matching Methods for Weakly Non-linear Problems" at the University of Bergen in 2015. Since 2018 I have been employed at NORCE in the Data Assimilation and Optimisation group. From 2014 I was employed at the Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research, Uni Research CIPR, in Bergen.

I work with algorithms and methods for data assimilation with a focus on parameter estimation. The methods employ historical data and update the unknown parameters automatically such that the numerical models match the observed data. The motivation for the research is to build better tools for decision support by increasing the accuracy of the numerical models. I have worked with models for fluid flow in petroleum reservoirs, models for electromagnetic measurements for directional drilling, and time series of seismic measurements.

I have mainly worked with traditional mathematical and statistical models. Lately, I have employed machine learning and artificial intelligence in the data assimilation algorithms.

Kristian Fossum


Energy and Technology

Research themes

Ensemble based methods
Data assimilation
Decision support systems
Reservoir Modelling

Research Groups

Data Assimilation and Optimization

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