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Erik Wolden Dvergsnes

Senior Researcher

+47 51 87 56 90
+47 944 36 903
Universitetsveien 19, 4630 Kristiansand, Norway

Erik Wolden Dvergsnes


Energy & Technology

Research Groups

Energy Modelling and Automation

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Source: Erik Hauge / NORCE


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A New Paradigm for Automatic Well Path Generation Using Multidisciplinary Constraints – 2023
Automatic Determination of Drill-string Geometry for Numerical Drilling Models – 2023
An Ensemble-Based Solution for Automating Drilling Engineering: Application to Directional Surveying – 2022
Buoyancy Force on a Plain or Perforated Portion of a Pipe – SPE Journal 2021
On the importance of the coupling between transient mechanical, hydraulic and thermal effects for the modelling of real-time drilling operations – 2019
Principles and Sensitivity Analysis of Automatic Calibration of MPD Methods Based on Dual-Gradient Drilling Solutions – 2014
Toward Drilling Automation: On the Necessity of Using Sensors That Relate to Physical Models – SPE Drilling & Completion 2014
Advanced Drilling Simulation Environment for Testing New Drilling Automation Techniques and Practices – SPE Drilling & Completion 2012
Early symptom detection based on real-time evaluation of downhole conditions: principles and results from several North Sea drilling operations – SPE Drilling & Completion 2012
Automation of Drawworks and Topdrive Management to Minimize Swab/Surge and Poor-Downhole-Condition Effects – SPE Drilling & Completion 2011
Automation of Mud-Pump Management: Application to Drilling Operations in the North Sea – SPE Drilling & Completion 2011
Real-Time Optimization of the Drilling Process - Challenges in Industrialization – 2009
Offshore Field Test of a New System for Model Integrated Closed-Loop Drilling Control – SPE Drilling & Completion 2009
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