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Eirik Malnes

Chief Scientist

+47 917 58 213
Tullinsgate 2, 0166 Oslo

Eirik Malnes


Energy & Technology

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Earth Observation

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SENBYGG – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2023
The Response of Tidewater Glacier Termini Positions in Hornsund (Svalbard) to Climate Forcing, 1992–2020 – Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Earth Surface 2023
Improving satellite-based monitoring of the polar regions: Identification of research and capacity gaps – Frontiers in Remote Sensing 2023
Analyse av Sentinel-1 data til deteksjon og varsling av kvikkleireskredet på Gjerdrum – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2022
A Synthetic Aperture Radar Based Method for Long Term Monitoring of Seasonal Snowmelt and Wintertime Rain-On-Snow Events in Svalbard – Frontiers in Earth Science 2022
Performance of manual and automatic detection of dry snow avalanches in Sentinel-1 SAR images – Cold Regions Science and Technology 2022
Multi-Sensor Analysis of Snow Seasonality and a Preliminary Assessment of SAR Backscatter Sensitivity to Arctic Vegetation: Limits and Capabilities – Remote Sensing 2022
Manual and automatic detection of dry snow avalanches in Sentinel-1 SAR images – 2021
A compilation of snow cover datasets for svalbard: A multi-sensor, multi-model study – Remote Sensing 2021
SIOS’s Earth Observation (EO), Remote Sensing (RS), and operational activities in response to COVID-19 – Remote Sensing 2021
Kepler Deliverable Report D5.1:Synthesis on the visions of the evolution of the Copernicus services. – Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center 2020
A 20-Year MODIS-Based Snow Cover Dataset for Svalbard and Its Link to Phenological Timing and Sea Ice Variability – Remote Sensing 2020
Snow avalanche segmentation in SAR images with Fully Convolutional Neural Networks – IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 2020
Sentinel satellite-based mapping of plant productivity in relation to snow duration and time of green-up (GROWTH) – 2020
Near-Real Time Automatic Snow Avalanche Activity Monitoring System Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data in Norway – Remote Sensing 2019
Consistent ice and open water classification combining historical synthetic aperture radar satellite images from ERS-1/2, Envisat ASAR, RADARSAT-2 and Sentinel-1A/B – Annals of Glaciology 2019
Long-Term Water Surface Area Monitoring and Derived Water Level Using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) at Altevatn, a Medium-Sized Arctic Lake – Remote Sensing 2019
A large wet snow avalanche cycle in West Greenland quantified using remote sensing and in situ observations – Natural Hazards 2019
Snow Cover Monitoring by Synergistic Use of Sentinel-3 Slstr and Sentinel-L Sar Data – 2018
Skreddeteksjon E69 Skarvbergtunnelen. (12/2018) – Norut 2018
Automatic detection of snow avalanche debris in central Svalbard using C-band SAR data – Polar Research 2017
Freeze/thaw conditions at periglacial landforms in Kapp Linné, Svalbard, investigated using field observations, in situ, and radar satellite monitoring – Geomorphology 2017
A complete snow avalanche activity record from a Norwegian forecasting region using Sentinel-1 satellite-radar data – Cold Regions Science and Technology 2017
Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) monitoring of avalanche activity: An automated detection scheme – Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 2017
Deteksjon av Sørpeskred med radarsatellitt. (2/2016) – Norut 2016
Fjordis - muligheter for overvåkning av is i fjordene rundt Svalbard. (3/2016) – Norut 2016
PERMASAT - Satellites for detection of permafrost landscape changes in Arctic regions - Final report (12/2016) – Norut 2016
A method for automated snow avalanche debris detection through use of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging – Earth and Space Science 2016
Snow season variability in a boreal-Arctic transition area monitored by MODIS data – Environmental Research Letters 2016
Building an indicator to characterize the thermal conditions for plant growth on an Arctic archipelago, Svalbard – Ecological Indicators 2016
Remote sensing of snow avalanches: Recent advances, potential, and limitations – Cold Regions Science and Technology 2016
First Sentinel-1 detections of avalanche debris – The Cryosphere 2015
Using "structure-from-motion" photogrammetry in mapping snow avalanche debris – Wiener Schriften zur Geographie und Kartographie 2015
Manual detection of snow avalanche debris using high-resolution Radarsat-2 SAR images – Cold Regions Science and Technology 2015
User requirements for the snow and land ice services - CryoLand – The Cryosphere 2015
Record-low primary productivity and high plant damage in the Nordic Arctic Region in 2012 caused by multiple weather events and pest outbreaks – Environmental Research Letters 2014
Satellittbasert overvåkning av vekstsesongen på Svalbard, - status 2012 – Norut 2013
Satelitter gjør skituren tryggere – Nordlys 2013
En norsk satsing på Sentinel for kryosfære-anvendelser. AP3-4-rapport fra prosjektet «Kartlegging av snø og bre med Sentinel» – Norsk Regnesentral 2013
Analyse av utviklingsbehov og implementasjon. AP2-rapport fra prosjektet «Kartlegging av snø og bre med Sentinel» – Norsk Regnesentral 2013
Using airborne Ku-band altimeter waveforms to investigate winter accumulation and glacier facies on Austfonna, Svalbard – Journal of Glaciology 2013
Spatial modelling of Artic plant diversity – Biodiversity 2012
Analyse av nasjonale behov og tilgjengelige løsninger - AP1-rapport fra prosjektet «Kartlegging av snø og bre med Sentinel». – Norsk Regnesentral 2012
CoReH2O, a dual frequency radar mission for snow and ice observations – 2012
Validation of Envisat ASAR based lake ice maps on lake Päijänne – 2012
A monitoring system for glaciers on Svalbard based on Envisat ASAR wide swath data – 2012
Validation Plan (VP) Document. STSE – North Hydrology ESA project, ESRIN Contract No. 4000101296/10/I-LG,Deliverable No. 7 (WP 320) – European Space Agency 2011
Technical Specifications (TS) Document. STSE – North Hydrology ESA project, ESRIN Contract No. 4000101296/10/I-LG, Deliverable No. 6 (WP 310) – European Space Agency 2011
Snow Products, Algorithms and Processing Lines – Version 1. CryoLand EU FP7 project, Project No. 262925, Deliverable D4.1 – European Commission, FP7, Space 2011
Sami traditional ecological knowledge as a guide to science: snow, ice and reindeer pasture facing climate change – Polar Record 2011
Investigating the Feasibility of the GlobSnow Snow Water Equivalent Data for Climate Research Purposes – Ukjent 2010
ESA DUE Globsnow – Global Snow Database for Climate Research – Ukjent 2010
Sámi traditional ecological knowledge as a guide to science: snow, ice and reindeer pasture facing climate change – Polar Record 2010
Cold Regions Hydrology High-Resolution Observatory for Snow and Cold Land Processes – Proceedings of the IEEE 2010
The development of new algorithms for remote sensing of snow conditions based on data from the catchment of vre Heimdalsvatn and the vicinity – Hydrobiologia 2010
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