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Antonie Oosterkamp

Senior Researcher

+47 909 81 031
Sørhauggata 128, 5527 Haugesund

Antonie Oosterkamp


Energy & Technology

Research themes

Structural analysis

Research Groups

Coastal and Ocean Systems

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State of the art for transport systems for hydrogen-based energy carriers – Internal Report 2023
4d mapping of sea state by stereo photographic imaging – ISOPE - International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference. Proceedings 2019
Study of soil heat transfer of a natural gas pipeline – International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering 2017
Heat transfer modelling of natural gas pipe flow-effect of yearly ambient temperature cycles – ISOPE - International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference. Proceedings 2016
Numerical modelling of carbon dioxide leakage from offshore pipeline – Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, An International Journal (CFD) 2016
Effect of the choice of boundary conditions on modelling ambient to soil heat transfer near a buried pipeline – Applied Thermal Engineering 2016
Modelling and Measuring Soil Thermal Properties and Pipeline to Soil Heat Transfer of a Natural Gas Pipeline – 2015
Pipeline Modeling - Impact of Temperature and Heat Transfer Modeling – 2015
Modelling of natural gas pipe flow with rapid transients-case study of effect of ambient model – Energy Procedia 2015
Validation of 1D flow model for high pressure offshore natural gas pipelines – Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 2014
Transmission of Natural Gas through Offshore Pipelines - Effect of unsteady heat transfer model – 2013
Prediction of Response of a Subsea Gas Pipeline after a Full Bore Rupture – ISOPE - International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference. Proceedings 2013
Depressurization of a 50 km long 24 inches CO2 pipeline – Energy Procedia 2012
State-of-the-Art overview of CO2 pipeline transport with relevance to offshore pipeline – Forskningsstiftelsen Polytec 2008
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