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Ocean & Environment

Ocean & Environment

Research, monitoring, and advisory activities related to the marine environment

The Department of Ocean and Environment focuses on understanding and preserving marine ecosystems, as well as mapping environmental impacts on the ocean and coastal areas.

We conduct research in several areas, including biodiversity and ecosystem functions, pollution and contaminants, aquaculture and fish welfare, as well as the effects of human activity and climate change on marine ecosystems.

This knowledge is crucial for understanding and preserving the coastal and marine environment, as well as developing effective protection strategies. Our research contributes to the development of management strategies and policies to ensure sustainable use of marine resources.

We collaborate closely with public and private stakeholders, including government agencies, industries, and research institutions.

Contact person
Fiona Provan

SVP Ocean & Environment - Mekjarvik

+47 51 87 55 37
+47 900 69 052